• Do Preferred Resource Group Financial advisors operate as fiduciaries?

    Preferred Resource Group advisors will always act in your best interest and operate as fiduciaries. A financial advisor who is a fiduciary is legally and ethically obligated to act in the best interests of their clients when providing investment advice or managing their client’s assets. This means that the financial advisor must put their client’s interests ahead of their own and disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may arise.

  • How are the advisors at PRG Financial – Golden Valley compensated?


    Advisory Fee

    This fee is based on the value of the assets we manage in-house for you. This annual fee is billed quarterly and deducted from your account(s). The advisor fee puts the advisor and the client on the same side of the table. When the client's assets increase, we benefit from this increase as well. Conversely, when the client's account decreases, our revenue also suffers. The advisory fee will give you the most proactive service.

    Asset Levels

    Annual Fee

    $100,000 $750,000 1% on the first $750,000
    $750,000 $1,500,000 0.9% on the next $750,000
    $1,500,001 $3,000,000 0.75% on the next $1,500,000
    $3,000,001 $5,000,000 0.65% on the next $2,000,000
    $5,000,001 $10,000,000 0.55% on the next $5,000,000
    $10,000,001 and above Negotiable


    Occasionally, a commissioned product may be the best solution. Typically, this would be a life insurance policy or a 529 college savings plan.



    For some clients, an advisory fee or commission product is not a good option we offer a fee-only option starting at $250/hour

  • Why should I work with Preferred Resource Group?

    Preferred Resource Group is an independent firm with over 25 years of experience, specializing in helping families navigate the complexities of their everyday financial life.  Our team will coordinate your investment management, retirement planning, distribution strategy, risk management, and tax strategies with our in-house CPA.  We aim to provide you with one-stop shopping for all your financial needs.  We are proactive and have a proven system to help you be successful.

  • What is the connection between Preferred Resource Group and LPL Financial?

    Preferred Resource Group is the name of our practice, and LPL Financial is our broker-dealer.

    A broker-dealer is a financial firm that facilitates the buying and selling of securities and investment products.  Another service provided by our broker-dealer helps us stay compliant with financial rules and regulations.

  • Where are my assets and investments currently held?

    Your assets and investments are in custody with the clearing firm of LPL Financial.

    A custodian is a third-party institution or entity that holds and safeguards financial assets on behalf of clients.

    A clearing firm acts as an intermediary between LPL Financial and the financial exchanges where securities are traded. When a client places an order to buy or sell a security through LPL Financial, the clearing firm processes the transaction, confirms the trade, settles the payment, and maintains custody of the securities.

  • Do you offer a complementary second opinion?

    In addition to working with folks who have never worked with an advisor, we also have ‘rescued’ many folks from other advisors.  We offer a complimentary 60-minute review of your current portfolio and will give you our honest opinion of your financial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.